As owner and operator I have over 20 years experience organizing, managing, and teaching recreational activities. As a physical education teacher I have an unique expertise with the service that I am providing to my customers.  In addition to my extensive knowledge of recreational games I also posses the woodworking and carpentry skills necessary to ensure the quality of our products.


Wichita and the surrounding communities have outdoor space to play.  Whether it be a public park, backyard, company / school / church campus, or private venue hosts only need a patch of grass to accommodate and engage their guests.  Unlike many crowded neighborhoods in other major cities area residents have unique access to big yards and neighborhood parks.


With room to move, Wichita’s climate provides ample sun and moderate temperatures eight months out of the year.  Even on the hottest of summer days the events are slow going enough to enjoy with a cold drink under a shady tree.



Weddings, bar-b-ques, family reunions, company picnics... any occasion!  As owners of Bluestem Rentals LLC we want to share our family's love for the outdoors with you!



David Moore